Pallet Protection

Take a look at the different types of pallet protection we provide.

Angle Boards / Edge Protectors

These cardboard corner and edge protectors provide a very economical solution appropriate for most applications.

Multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together and formed into a rigid right angle to make one of the best cardboard edge protectors on the market. Available in a large range of  lengths, widths and thickness.

Corrugated Layer Pads

Corrugated Layer Pads or Sheets available in both single and double wall, ideal for interleaving and pallet protection. We can also supply these with radiused or rounded corners which some customers like when machine wrapping of their pallets to prevent puncturing of the film.

Pallet Hoods

Also known as Pallet Shrouds these can be supplied in both off the shelf and bespoke sizes and thicknesses to suit your application.

Pallet Top Covers

Polythene sheets for the protection of pallets against the weather and dust. Available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Ideal for light to medium duty use, polypropylene hand strapping is widely used to secure crates and pallets or to tightly bundle smaller items.

As well as the strapping itself, Grape Solutions can also provide a range of compatible seals, buckles, tools and dispensers, to fulfil all your strapping requirements.

  • Available either on a cardboard core or a plastic reel
  • Available in a choice of colours – black, blue or yellow
  • Can be used with a range of hand-held dispensers or trolleys
  • Economical solution with a minimum roll length of 1000m
  • Can be printed with your company name or logo.

Strapping Accessories & Tools

As well as the strapping itself, Grape Solutions can also provide a range of compatible seals, buckles, tools and dispensers, to fulfil all your strapping requirements.

  • Friction Weld Tools – deal for packing environments where high-speed strapping is essential
  • Automatic hand held tensioning and sealing systems for polyester strapping
  • Strapping Edge Protectors – to help eliminate the possibility of damaged or dented loads, available in three different sizes
  • Reel Stands
  • Manual tensioning and strapping tools
  • Galvanised metal and plastic buckle strapping seals 

Hand Pallet Wrap

Used to bind and secure pallets for shipment, our high-performance pallet wrap can be applied either by hand or via a hand held dispenser

It’s available in a wide range of sizes (including 100mm Mini Rolls) and in thicknesses ranging from light to heavy duty.

About our hand pallet wrap

  • Provides excellent protection for pallets against the rigours of transit
  • Also protects against weather, dirt and dust when stored
  • Excellent adhesion, puncture resistance and tack characteristics
  • Compatible with our range of hand-held pallet wrap dispensers
  • Standard cores and extended cores available
  • Available in clear, blue tint and opaque black

Machine Pallet Wrap

Grape Solutions supplies a range of high-quality machine pallet wrap available in both Standard and Power Pre Stretch

About our machine pallet wrap

  • Strong, versatile high-performance film
  • Excellent optics and superior tear resistance
  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses available 
  • Compatible with semi-auto and automatic pallet wrapping machines
  • Available in standard and high yield power pre-stretch rolls.
  • Printed Machine Stretch film incorporating up to three colours onto both clear and white film available. Minimum order qty 3 tonnes.

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