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Do you supply nationwide?
Yes, we can supply nationwide.
What information do you need to quote for a corrugated carton?
To give you the best price for a corrugated carton, ideally we need the size of the carton, the FEFCO style, the board grade, whether or not it's plain or printed (if printed, how many colours) the quantity you require and the delivery address or postcode. 
How do I measure a Carton?
The measurements we require are length x width x height (depth) of the box, and these must be internal dimensions in millimeters.
What is a FEFCO style?
This is a guide to all possible box styles, as defined by FEFCO (the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers). FEFCO codes are an official system to substitute long and complicated verbal descriptions of box and packaging constructions with simple codes that are internationally understood by all. Your standard corrugated carton is an 0201 style!
What are your lead times for delivery?
For bespoke corrugated cartons and polythene bags delivery is normally 5 - 7 working days. Stock cartons, pallet wrap, strapping, tape, consumables etc we can generally have delivered in 2 - 3 working days. Other items such as corrugated liners, printed solid board cartons, Corex cartons etc. can take much longer and so it's better to call us for confirmation.
What are your payment terms?
After credit checks and references are made our standard payment terms are 30 days end of month.
Can Grape Solutions handle large order quantities?
Yes, Grape Solutions can handle large order quantities.
Can you supply Anti Static & Medical Grade polybags?
Yes, Grape Solutions can supply both Anti Static & Medical Grade poly bags.
Polyprop Hot Melt Adhesive
Plastic Edge Protectors
Latex Gloves Lightly Powdered
Plain Poly Bags
Aluminium Foil Tape
50mm x 45m
Plastic Machine Strapping
Wet Wipes
Angle Boards / Edge Protectors
Dry Wipes
Strapping Dispenser
50mm Cross Weave Tape
Printed Cartons
Plastic Pails
Pallet Hoods
Mini Grip Bags
75mm Cross Weave Tape
Pallet Box
Cap, Tray & Sleeve Style
Plastic Hand Strapping
Hand Stretch Pallet Wrap
Bespoke Custom Corrugated Boxes

Low Noise Acrylic Adhesive
Thermal Transfer Labels
Corded or Woven Polyester Strapping
Pallet Top Covers
Mini Hand Wrap Rolls
Machine Pallet Wrap
Corrugated Layer Pads
Polyprop Solvent Adhesive
Postal Tubes
Corrugated Packaging Liners
Stock Printed Tape
Plastic Buckets and Tubs
Correx Sheet
Anti-Rust Paper
25mm Cross Weave Tape
Docs Enclosed Envelopes
Strapping Tools
Seals and Buckles
Padded Envelopes
Plastic Carrier Bags
Paper Carrier Bags
Tin Plate Pails
Pallet Box 0200 Style
Acid Free Tissue Paper
Vinyl Adhesive Tape
Wholesale Cardboard Boxes
DVD Wraps
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